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Bubbleskool makes learning easy and fun. We "Bubblise" information to make it easier for children to learn and remember.

Bubbleskool is a cloud based application that is designed to work in conjunction with the Traditional school curriculum to create visual representations that are much easier to understand and supports students in the way that they comprehend and learn. Bubbleskool works with existing curriculum, complimenting the teaching programmes that are already there, and has been proven to enhance the learning experience for students exponentially.

About us

Nuala Kelly

Nuala has worked for over 30 years in service provision for people with Disabilities. As a result, she has acquired much knowledge and skills in working and assisting people with significant learning difficulties. During her career, she has held management positions in disability residential settings in Ireland, England and America. Nuala has a Degree in Nursing and a Graduate Diploma in Adult and Continuing Education from Mary Immaculate Teacher Training School.

Alan Carey

An experienced Strategist fulfilling roles of Senior Business Consultant, Business Architect and Business/Financial/Corporate Analyst over a 20 year career delivering successful business strategies, transformation and organisational change programmes across several industries with Blue Chip Organisations (including Renewable Energy / CleanTech / Pharma / BioTechnology / Telecoms).

Bernard Carroll
Chief Technology Officer

Bernard has designed and built bespoke cloud based platforms for several companies. 25 years' experience fulfilling Technical Roles in the most challenging international business environments including Banking, Financial Services, Bio-Technology, Pharmaceuticals, Utilities and Aviation. Bringing a hands-on approach to delivering new technologies, systems and solutions to transform businesses and support change organisationally.


Three research projects (Corbett, Lowe and King) have been carried out on Bubbleskool, by the University of Limerick, supervised by Dr Patrick Ryan Head of Psychology at the University.

According to Corbett 2014, "An important aspect of the software that the participants noted was its universality. They observed that advancements were seen in both children with and without learning difficulties. Through the use of all children can learn valuable, efficient learning skills and benefit from increased ability. All participants were noted in saying that the ultimate goal was to have the software up and running in the classroom for all students to take part in as they felt it was hugely beneficial in teaching both children with and without learning difficulties key skills and awareness when learning. It is an interactive, fun way of learning for all children in the classroom environment".

"Another major feature was the instant access, has no need for paper or books, the majority of date available is online and therefore this did not give the students a chance to slack off or delay work with excuses. Their work was with them at home or in school at the touch of a button, which enabled consistency in their school work". (Corbett 2014)

"The children were observed as developing cognitive skills and improving on pre-existing skills since being introduced to the software. The participants perceived the children as possessing increased attention spans, their ability to condense and summarize information was vastly improved and also their overall understanding and memory was superior. The development and advancement of these skills resulted in an increase in grades and overall progress of the children". (Corbett 2014)

According to Lowe 2014, "Seven of the parents interviewed spoke highly about the self-test mode option available on the software and felt that this too led their children to be more instrumental in their learning process and more aware of their own abilities." Lowe also reflects parents views when stating "The theme 'Suitable user' integrated the views of the parents that believed was an appropriate revision tool for both the general population and people with specific disabilities. The subtheme 'general population' derived from reports claiming that the software was very versatile and that parents felt it was beneficial for individuals at all academic levels learning any type of information. Because is a visual format, parents mentioned that it is useful for individuals with different learning styles who may struggle from traditional rote learning. Lowe (2014) concluded by saying "To conclude, is an innovative effective learning tool which promotes independent learning and is suitable for both the general population and those with specific learning and physical disabilities."

"Having this information stored for an unlimited period in an easily accessible program for these kids was seen as a major advantage by parents. They reported that it saved a lot of revision time coming up to exams and reduced levels of anxiety and stress for the children because the technology was storing everything they needed to learn and succeed in exams" (Lowe 2014)

"The researcher observed many comments within the data that strongly suggested that this software was highly accessible to their kids. Because it was a computer based program it complimented the younger generation and allowed children to learn in an environment that appealed to them. They felt it provided a quick and easy forum for them to download, save and print unlimited amounts of information they had to learn" (Lowe 2014)