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To have the best experience with BubbleSkool we recommend Google Chrome web browser, alternatively you can use Mozilla Firefox or Safari, which should cause no problems while using our website. Opera might cause some of the additional features (like BrowseAloud) not work properly. Internet Explorer version 9 should work fine, while in newer versions we recommend running it in Internet Explorer 9 Standards mode (press F12, then Alt-9).

BubbleSkool has been designed to facilitate the fast seamless distillation of large amounts of data down to key revision notes that are automatically displayed in a mind map format. The creator (or "user") chooses the content, the detail, the colour scheme of the maps, the test words and phrases.

BubbleSkool enables peer sharing. On this website, you can set up or join a room(s) where like-minded students can share revision notes with each other.

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